Glooko’s FDA 510(k) cleared system is changing diabetes management by breaking barriers in technology and building bridges between patients and health care providers.

The goal was to prove that people with diabetes would benefit from having a better way to track their data (blood glucose, carbs, notes and medication) and are willing to pay for a better way to manage their diabetes. I began research by getting to know potential Glooko customers by learning their attitudes and behaviors towards diabetes and technology, so Glooko could act on customer needs.

The persona's helped the entire product team understand what users need and what their everyday challenges are. Furthermore, they helped guide decisions about product features, navigation, interactions, and even visual design. They also helped the team gain empathy and insight to their customer's needs.

I used the mental model to guide the design process to understand how current offerings do and do not support potential users. It's also essential to build features that match user behaviors and solve their problems.

Furthermore, I discovered a quick add solution was imperative since the design we tested had to many clicks and current users would not convert. In order to, not lose our early adaptors we iterated the design so users could quickly input data. A desktop view of users data was also created to the multi- platform experience.