As Mexico’s leading producer, distributor and marketer of beer, Grupo Modelo offers an extensive selection of merchandise bearing some of the industry’s most popular brands including Corona Extra and Negra Modelo. To purchase this merchandise online, the company’s suppliers and other business partners had to use a variety of websites managed by vendors spread across the country.

The challenge was to create a new B2B eCommerce site that would gather all merchandise on a single platform and deliver a more streamlined buying experience.

The solution was to become familiar with Grupo Modelo’s broad product lines and how the existing websites categorized, presented and promoted them. Then we audited the sites, studying how customers actually searched and shopped on them. We used our findings to re-categorize all of the company’s merchandise and create new shopping paths based on actual customer behaviors. We created an information architecture based on these behaviors. The design reflects the Grupo Modelo brand with a easy e-commerce experience.