Visa is a sponsor for the FIFA World Cup South Africa. At Visa I played a key role in design and development for the FIFA World Cup campaign for their intranet site that reached employees in more than
200 countries.

The goal was to get Visa employees excited for the World Cup games and to feel a sense of community within the company.

The takeover included designs for homepage email templates, landing pages, articles and flash billboards.

For the takeover, we created themes for each of the countries playing in the event, Visa employees were able to choose which team they wanted to appear on their homepage. 3D rendering was used to create the flag backgrounds. Users could change their team at any time and view the number of fans. As the games continued employees stayed engaged by seeing how many fans their team had gain or lost.

The project was a great success and helped boost awareness around Visa’s sponsorship programs. Furthermore, it helped Visa gain recognition as
community leader.